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What is Dragon Reiki?

When we invite and connect to Dragon energy we not only work with our Dragon guide, but we also start to work with the Earths elements, Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Akasha (Spirit).

Our beings are made up of all the elements, so it is important for us to gain a deeper insight into what these elements are and how we can work with them to support our overall well being and the wellbeing of others.

When we learn to work with our Dragon guides and Dragon teams, we begin a sacred journey of self healing and during this journey we will also connect to Gaia and she too begins to heal as well as everyone around us, including animals. The dragons work closely with nature and embody so much knowledge of the history of our Earth and hold key codes that connect us to our original healing gifts and our Akashic Records, which is the library of our soul. They support us in remembering who we are at soul level, at the point of creation. Once we do this, we can fully step into our power and live the life we were truly meant to live. “He who heals himself, heals the world.” The biggest charitable act a person can do is heal himself, as once he does, everyone starts to heal as well as our planet, this is because we are part of the same collective energy, we are one!

Dragons work with the heart. If you visualise the heart as a rose, then every petal holds a different emotion or event that has molded who we are. Dragon energy works through each petal, nourishing it and helping it to heal but maintaining the growth and development that has taken place, which is all part of our evolution.

When you decide to bring this energy into your life, you will start to heal, layer by layer and during this process, your Dragon team will hold you and nurture you as well as be your biggest support and fan group during this process, ensuring you will never feel alone.

If you have started your ascension journey and the Dragons have shown up, then learning how to work with them is pivotal to your development as they are standing by, ready and willing to help you remember who you are, so that you can truly heal yourself and others. They support us in shining even brighter, so that we can navigate through our shadows. This is the journey of self acceptance, self healing and self love and this is the only way we can truly shine.

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