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What is the Divine Soul Blueprint?

Choice is part of our human experience, and we all have freedom of choice.

Our choices affect our entire Divine Soul Blueprint on all 10 dimensions.

We are all also 10th dimensional. Your body exists in the third-dimensional

aspect, your mind in the fourth-dimensional aspect, and your soul is the fifth--

dimensional aspect and in everything that lies beyond your mind.

Aligned choices have a positive effect on our existence and this leads to

abundance on every level. Unaligned choices have a negative effect

on our divine soul blueprint and can create huge blocks in our energy resulting

in us not being able to create the abundant life we desire.

By accessing the Akashic Records, we can find out what is blocking our

abundance and which choices are contributing to our negative experiences.

We are then able to clear these as well as correct them, which in turn

positively affects our divinity.

An Akashic reading can provide information on your soul's origin, soul's gift and purpose, soul's rate of vibration, unresolved Karma, spirit guides, and anything blocking your fullest expression of purpose. You will also receive a snapshot of the past lives these scenarios have happened in.

After your reading, I perform a healing to clear the negative aspects of the reading and you are provided a set of affirmations to read for 21 consecutive days. Once the affirmations are complete follow up to check in on your soul's vibration and any blocks that were cleared.

What you need: Your name at birth, name now, location of birth, and birthdate. This must be provided in advance so that the report can be prepared in advance of the scheduled reading.

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